Improve Your Cashflow

Developers of new build houses and some refurbishments can reclaim all VAT on construction costs.

DF+ allows developers to borrow up to 80% of the VAT element of received purchase invoices. These invoices are submitted to VATBRIDGE on a schedule as they are received, and developers can draw down on these amounts when they choose.

DF+ Programme Benefits

Our DF + programme provides up to two months’ reclaims in advance of the time they would normally be received, improving cashflow and reducing the administration costs of VAT. We take over the reclaim process by becoming the VAT agent and liaising directly with HMRC. Investors of DF+ enter into a 12-month rolling facility with a 3 month notice period.

Indicative costs are as follows, dependent on the deal size:

Schedule submission Fee:
• Up to 3% of VAT element for submitted VAT returns
• Up to 5% of invoices presented pre-submission

• 10% Above Base Rate

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