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1. Eligibility

Are you eligible for a VAT bridging loan?

Are you looking to purchase a commercial property? If so, you will need to pay 20% VAT on top of the cost of the property. To be considered, you must be VAT registered, the property must be opted for tax and you’ll need an SPV.

2. Application

Use our easy application process to get started

Fill out our application form below and a member of our team will get back to you. Later on, we will request the relevant documentation to get you started.

3. Advance

We will offer to fund the VAT costs for your commercial property

After we have completed our Due Diligence, we advance you the funds you require to cover the VAT costs of your property purchase. This allows you to bridge the gap until funds are made available by HMRC at the refund stage. 

4. Success

We liaise with HMRC to reclaim the VAT

We then submit the VAT return and deal directly with HMRC to recover the funds, taking over the process on your behalf. Our close ties with HMRC allow us to quickly and efficiently retrieve funds, reducing the amount of interest on your bridging. Once the money is retrieved from HMRC, we forward the funds onto you with a small fee deducted.