Commercial Property VAT Bridging Loans

At VATBRIDGE we specialise in funding the VAT due on commercial property purchases in the UK.

Specialising in commercial bridging finance makes us the UK’s number one for VAT bridging loans for commercial real estate purchases.

The added 20% VAT on top of your purchase price can be an added pressure to your commercial property purchase and can often hamper cash flow, especially on larger purchases. On a £500,000 property purchase, the VAT alone would amount to an additional £100,000. Commercial bridging loans are a great way to fund the VAT on your property, so that you can avoid dealing with HMRC to reclaim your VAT costs, which can take months. We liaise directly and quickly with HMRC, cutting down your interest costs and saving you time that can be spent doing what your business does best.

What is a Bridge Loan?

Bridging finance is where a company, such as ourselves, offer short-term loans to cover a cost for a short period of time (until the applicant can pay). It bridges the gap, until you’re able to pay the loan back – plus a small fee.

In our case, the loans we offer give 100% of the VAT due on a commercial property purchase. We then take over the recovery of VAT from HMRC, leaving you to get on with business as usual, whilst reducing your interest costs.

Paying VAT on commercial property doesn’t have to be a burden; we can help fund your VAT bill and step you through the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept loans from £50,000, anything over £5 million will need deeper discussion.

Not at all – you can apply for as many loans as you need for as much as you need. Please, however, be aware that each will be represented in an individual SPV.

Not at all, to apply for a VATBRIDGE loan you simply need to fill in our short and simple online application form (which will take only 2 minutes to complete). If we need any paperwork from you, we will ask you for it after the application is processed.

We can offer loans to single individuals, companies and brokers alike. We do, however, require the property to be held in a Special Purpose Vehicle.

Every case is of course different, however we can usually get you funding within 7 working days. On some occasions it may be slightly less time than this, we have previously completed a deal within 5 working days.

No, we are a principal lender. We use standard documentation and take over the recovery of VAT. We work with a number of brokers/lenders, some of which are listed on our introducers page.

You can also learn more about us and what we do by viewing/downloading our PDF Introduction Pack.​